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Our Solution:
Cleaning the Oceans

Great Ocean Garbage Collectors

Technology invented by Randy Hatton, called the "Great Ocean Garbage Collectors," is designed to efficiently, effectively and with least harm to the sea animals, remove large volumes of garbage from our oceans.

Randy's thirty-five years of commercial fishing experience, gave him the knowledge necessary to create this technology. He worked on the most advanced, large scale fisheries in the world. From knowledge gained and his deep love and passion to give back to the oceans, he developed, these ideas.

Project Clean Oceans is one of the most important things to be done on our planet today. Give us eight years and the plastic in our oceans will no longer be an environmental disaster. It will create jobs, remove and stop billions of pounds of garbage, mainly plastic, from entering the oceans of the world. This will stop millions of innocent beings living in the oceans, from unnecessary death.

Click on the video to the right to see the whole project explained.

How the Great Ocean Garbage Collectors Work

This will happen on ships designed similar to large-scale (Mid-Water Trawl), commercial fishing vessels, called catcher/processors.

These ships will be equipped with the most advanced technology to process and recycle the plastic into fuel and building materials while still at sea. We will use our recycled materials, grade A to fuel the ship and grade B to make modular blocks.

These modular blocks will be constructed using specially designed casings, allowing air pockets in the center for better insulation value. Then coated in a UV-resistant polymer (which will keep the materials from photo-degrading). Once the ship is filled with the modular blocks, it will return to port and be sold as building materials for profit.

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